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Personal Insurance 

We can help you with:  Life Insurance Critical Illness Protection Income Protection Family Income Benefit  

As a mortgage broker we have a duty under FCA regulation to provide advice on all kinds of personal insurance. Protecting our clients and their family from debts and ensuring the financial capacity to maintain lifestyle. 
No one likes to imagine the death or illness of loved ones, but sadly, it happens. The right kind of insurance will help you or your family to cope if it does. 
Critical illness and sudden death can strike at any age. The effect on loved ones is devastating. Financial provision is the prudent answer. 
Tapper Financial Services will review your circumstances with you and sort out the right insurance solution, to help you protect you and your family. 
What Solutions Do We Provide? 
Whether you have a mortgage or simply want to protect your family or yourself, we can arrange all of the following: 
Life insurance 
Serious illness insurance 
Income protection 
Level Term insurance 
Buildings & Contents insurance (B&C) 
Life cover after serious illness (e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer etc) 
Critical illness insurance 
Family Income Benefit (FIB) 
Accident Sickness Unemployment insurance (ASU) 
Decreasing term insurance 
Medical insurance 
Mortgage insurance 
There are other products available designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at 
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Who is the best life insurance or best critical illness insurance provider? 

We do not promote any one company in particular. Using our expertise, we will advise and find the best insurance policy for your needs. This means that you have the broadest possible choice and peace of mind that you are protecting your family properly. 

How Are We Paid 

How Are We Paid 
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